PAINTING 2022/2023

Online juried slide exhibition, with playlist and PDF publication


The Aird Gallery presents our second online PAINTING exhibition, accompanied by a playlist and online catalogue. The publication design is by Marina Doukas as is her introductory essay on the subject. It includes Eichhorn’s juror’s response text and features 84 images. The selected works are a display of collaboration between the artist and the material that resulted in a variety of techniques and styles for this publication. It is organized by material and medium, allowing the viewer to witness many different subject matters alongside others of the same medium to demonstrate the overall versatility of the paint. This publication brings together a little mix of everything to share conversations translated through visual culture.

PAINTING 2022/2023 features 82 contemporary artists, (selected from over 242 submissions) from the Greater Toronto Area, North Ontario and to some extent the broader world, inclusive of: John Abrams, Bari Afifa , Nicholas-Jennings Alexandrea , Sandra Altwerger , Elliot Appel , Robyn Asquin, Joe Atikian , Kevin Bae , Sandra Altwerger, Arum Wilis, Maggie Broda, Heidi Burkhardt, Nadra Chapman, Stephen Chien, Euah Cho, Lillian Chow, Moria Clark, Barry Coombs, Noémie L. Côté, Mark Crawford, Nicole Crozier, Alex Dabic, Teresa Davies, Julie Desmarais, Elizabeth Doerksen, Edward Donald, Marina Doukas, Marlene Etherington, Marie Finkelstein, Jeff Gibson, Theresa Godin, Anita Granger, Anne Harrison, Janet Hendershot, Spencer Henderson, Jennifer Henderson, Rita Hisar, David Holt, Kee Ip, Karen Taylor, Lynn Christine Kelly, HyunRyoung Kim, Rosalie Lam, Miklos Legrady, Arnie Lipsey, Sue Lloyd, Michaela Lucio, Maria Malinina, Diane Maxwell, Kara McIntosh, Molly Moldovan, Christine Montague, Michelle Montague, Svetlana Papouchina, Sherry Park, Maureen Paxton, Rhoda Payne, Michelle Peraza, Deborah Percy, Piera Pugliese, Eugen Radewych, Romao Romao, Shelly Rothenburger, Ambreen Saba, Irna Schestakowich, Mary Seymour, Mara Smelter, Lori Sokoluk, Kristen Stephen, Doug Stratford, Martin Sydney, Tracy Thomson, Gwen Tooth, Dina Torrans, Bob Tunnoch, Brian Turner, Ahmri Vandeborne, Victoria Alexander, Steve Volpe, Janna Walters, Gerda Wekerle, Holy Winters and Donna Zekas.


Virginia Eichhorn has worked in the visual arts field for thirty years and has been the Executive Director and Curator for Quest Art since 2018. Previously she was the Executive Director & Chief Curator for the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, was the first full-time curator for the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery and was one of the founding members of the Queen West Gallery District in Toronto. She is a graduate of the Art History programme at Queen’s University and continued her studies at the University of Toronto. As an independent curator she has presented exhibitions at numerous prestigious venues including the XII Biennale of Art at Villa Nova Cerveira in Portugal. She has worked extensively with artists from across Canada and abroad – including Carl Beam, Shary Boyle, Judy Chicago, Jane Ash Poitras, Peter Von Tiesenhausen, and Paul Stankard – developing exhibitions for high profile public art galleries and museums. In addition to curating, she has written numerous catalogue essays and has contributed articles to prominent Canadian and international magazines such as Ceramics Monthly. She was president of the Ontario Association of Art Galleries and a board member for Cahiers métiers d’art /Craft Journal. She is currently the Chair for Craft Ontario (formerly the Ontario Craft Council) In 2009 she won the Jean Johnson/Melanie Egan Award for Curatorial Excellence given by the Ontario Crafts Council.

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