Toronto: The Views Are Different Here

This exhibition, Toronto: The Views Are Different Here, was curated by students Amanda McNeil and Nikita Lorenzo from the University of Toronto’s Masters of Museum Studies Program, in collaboration with the City of Toronto Art Connections Program, as part of their final capstone project.

The Views Are Different Here is the first exhibition that McNeil and Lorenzo have worked on in the role of curator. They both decided to create an exhibition that would speak to the people of Toronto; something that had depth while remaining familiar. Yet, every time they thought of typical images of Toronto, all that came to mind was the CN Tower or the city skyline. These images are not representative of what Toronto means for either of them, and it made them wonder how those living here think of their own city.

Toronto: The Views Are Different Here showcases the works of 29 artists (Christian Andrabado; Michael Barlas; Aisha Chiguichon; David Chinyama; Nic Cooper; Frances Cordero de Bolaños; Rob Croxford; Mahmoud Fahmi; Janny Fraser; Cassandra Fullerton; Janet Gallo; Nellys Garcia; Florin Hategan; Kayla Jaques; David Johns; Andre Kan; Anna Khokhlova; Sangmin Lee; Karin McLean; Rob Niezan; Addae Nurse; Shannon O’Toole; Jamileh Salek Ostadtaqi; Walter Segers; Maheen Siddiqui; Natalia Starikova-Abud; Leah Tomlinson; Diane Walton; Shelley Wildeman) who have lived, or are currently living, within the city.

This exhibition features paintings, sculpture and photography to convey the individual realities of Toronto’s most important asset: its people.