This year the John B. Aird Gallery initiated our first juried online exhibition + art book featuring contemporary collage-based works. For the purposes of this project, the term, ‘contemporary’ refers to artworks—produced today. The art term ‘collage’ comes from the French Language and literally means “to glue”. For this exhibition call, ‘collage’ is understood as both the technique and the resulting work of art in which pieces of paper, photographs, fabric, and other ephemera are arranged and stuck down onto a supporting surface to create an overall work of art.

We invited Claire Christie, the principal of Christie Contemporary, to jury the project. Not only did Claire select exactly 64 collage artists’ works from over 300 submissions she organized them into 5 distinct sections consisting of ABSTRACTION & MONTAGE; DIMENSIONAL; HYBRID FORMS; PLACE & LANDSCAPE and PORTRAITS & FIGURES.

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John B. Aird Gallery curatorial assistant, Erin Storus furnishes COLLAGE publication with both an introductory essay and its exquisite design.
The resulting survey show includes works by Jackson Abrams, Zoraida Anaya, Diana Bennett, Sarah Cecchini, Christy Chor, Harrison Clarke, Simone Collins, Damon Couto-Hill, Rebecca Cowan, Deborah Danelley, Beverley Daniels, Ben DiNino, Fei Disbrow, Michel Dumont, Holly Edwards, Brian Elder, Susan Friedman, Bev Funnell, Margaret Gdyczynski, Camilla Gibb, Phyllis Gordon, Dennis Green, Paul Henderson, Angela Hennessey, Alexander Hernandez, Kal Honey, Leonora Husveti-Frenette, Jim Ingles, Jayme Keith, Brian Kelly, Lindsey Kemp, Robin Kingsburgh, Kristiina Lahde, Maureen Lowry, Ian Mackenzie, Mandem, Sydney Martin, Alina Martiros, Erin McGean, Sandy Middleton, Silva Moreira, Sunny Nestler, Erik Parra, Pam Patterson, Angela Piehl, Jill Price, Cherie Rahkola, Leena Raudvee, Camille Raynaud, Doreen Renner, Calero Rodriguez, Ruth Saporito, Karen E.Schulz, Stacie Scott, Walter Segers, Marisa Swangha, Peggy Taylor Reid, Katie Tonetti, Will Ursprung, Elizabeth Vercoe, Monique Vettraino, Anélia Victor and Geoff Wonnacott.