The intent of this online project is to bring together a large array of works that encourage both a rethinking of the traditionally narrow definition of still life and celebration of the genre.

The Gallery’s ensuing STILL LIFE project presents 40 artworks, created by Alexandrea Nicholas-Jennings, Joe Atikian, Sonia Beygi, Kim Brett, Mike Callaghan, Cao Chen, Jan Crawford-Winton, Dorota Dziong, John Ens, Deborah Farquharson, Anne-Marie Giroux, Itzik Giuli, Jennifer Globush, Avery Hannig, Heather Hess, Vladimir Kabelik, Clara Kim, Jina Kim, Jenn Law, Dawn Loree, Frank Mulvey, Allan O’Marra, Jangmee Park, Maureen Paxton, Julius Poncelet Manapul, ORT Project, Marina Raike, Jackie Rancourt, Leena Raudvee Dale M Reid, Lori Ryerson, Lois Schklar, Anne Smythe, Asma Sultana, Bob Tunnoch, Hyun Young Yang and Kyle Yip, respectively.

JUNO YOUN is a visual artist and a performance persona in his own right. Originally from South Korea, Youn is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD-U) where he majored in drawing, painting, and interdisciplinary arts. Youn’s previous project, the fondly remembered SPIN Gallery (Toronto), was in operation from 1999 to 2007. Juno founded Flying Rooster Contemporary Projects (FRCP) an online art gallery in 2012 and opened Galerie Youn as a brick-and-mortar space in May 2013 on Boulevard Saint-Laurent in Montreal. Galerie Youn is a Gallery that keeps on reinventing itself. In 2021, it launched a full-service online boutique and moved to a sleek and elegant new space located at the heart of historic Old Montreal. Galerie Youn presents a number of carefully selected solo and group exhibitions each year, which can be experienced in person or toured virtually. Galerie Youn focuses on building bridges between local, national, and international emerging to mid-career contemporary artists. It currently represents two dozen artists, about half from Canada and the rest from the United States, Europe, and Asia. Galerie Youn regularly takes part in art fairs across Europe and North America, from Seattle to Miami, New York, and Madrid.

MARLI DAVIS is a multicultural, interdisciplinary artist, based in Toronto. Her research-intensive practice borrows scientific and spiritual ideologies to conduct art-making in strategic phases, reminiscent of ritualistic laboratory experimentation. Establishing a practice within this convergence of ideologies provides Marli with the necessary outlets to execute intimate investigations throughout her work. Seeking topics that introspectively challenge the self; many dealing with the mapping of her fragmented cultural discourse. The artist begins to embody the examiner’s role; addressing and systematizing bodily notions through video, painting, sculpture, installation and publication.

In 2019, Marli studied abroad in Florence Italy and has obtained various awards and scholarships throughout her education. In 2021, she received a BFA from OCAD University; emerging with a dedicated passion for academia. Marli is currently partaking in selected art exhibitions, residencies and forum events. While learning within the art industry through mentorship and different intern, freelance and employment experiences.