Awakening | Éveil

Periodically art exhibitions are commissioned to be featured in the Lieutenant Governor’s Suite.

In January 2016, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals came into effect. This was the catalyst for the exhibit titled Awakening | Éveil, curated by designer Bruce Mau partnering with The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.


In attendance for the opening reception were Aird executive board members, Maggie Broda, Christopher Johnson and Brian Fior.


“Since the earliest times, our natural world has been a profound source for art makers. The power and majesty, the beauty and mystery, and most importantly the permanence of the natural landscape have often been a font of inspiration for artists. More recently, the changes and challenges we face in sustaining our ecology have become the subject and inspiration for a new generation of artists. Our increasing awareness and understanding of the dynamic ecologies that sustain us—social, economic, and natural—have driven a new engagement for artists across Canada and around the world. In parallel with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the artworks selected for Awakening track that transformation and testify to the power of art to open our minds and hearts to our full responsibility and our greatest potential.”