Digital Animalities: Mapping

Exhibition Dates: October 30–November 23, 2018
Opening Reception: Tuesday November 1, 6 to 8 p.m.
Cinq à Sept: Curatorial Tour: November 8, 5 to 7 p.m.

Curators: Giovanni Aloi and Matthew Brower

Exhibiting Artists: Julie Andreyev and Simon Lysander Overstall, Jonathan Keats, Gwen MacGregor, Neozoon, Ken Rinaldo, Lou Sheppard, and Donna Szoke

“Digital Animalities” is a two-venue exhibition of artworks exploring human animal interactions in an age of risk. Digital technologies have been reshaping human understandings of animals and transforming the possibilities for human-animal relations. Artists have been at the forefront of exploring these challenges, using the languages and forms of artistic practice to stage, explore, and intervene in these emerging situations. These works present a range of approaches to the themes. They offer models for understanding new possibilities provided by new technologies, critiques of implicit tendencies in the workings and organizations of these technologies, and classifications and frameworks for orienting ourselves to these new possibilities.

Loosely organized under two major tendencies presented in the works, “Mapping” and “Rendering,” the two venues present complementary experiences of the evolving space of animality in contemporary digital culture.

At the John B. Aird Gallery, the theme of “Mapping” brings together works by Julie Andreyev and Simon Lysander Overstall, Jonathon Keats, Gwen McGregor, Neozoon, Ken Rinaldo, Lou Sheppard, and Donna Szoke that suggest how new cartographies organize and orient us.

At the CONTACT Gallery, November 1–December 15, 2018 (80 Spadina Ave, 205) the theme of “Rendering” brings together works by Sara Angelucci, Ingrid Bachmann, Maria Fernanda Cardosa, Wally Dion, and Aki Inamota that reveal digital technology’s ability to scan and re-assemble aspects of reality.

Curated by Giovanni Aloi and Matthew Brower, “Digital Animalities” is part of a SSHRC funded research project entitled “Digital Animalies: Media Representations of Nonhuman Life in the Age of Risk” led by Jody Berland of York University.

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