Curated by Mathew Brower
Juried by David Liss

The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.
– Mark Twain

Jonathan Swift suggested that every dog has its day and the Aird Gallery is celebrating those days this summer. We have lived with dogs for many thousands of years. Over that time dogs have adapted themselves to our needs and desires and at the same time, they have been changing us – largely for the better. Our deep and complex relationship with dogs, on personal, cultural, and biological levels, has been an important subject for art practice from the beginning.

We were interested in mutts of all kinds, as well as pedigreed pooches, that explored dogs as emotional and physical support, companions, family members, mythic beings, and cultural symbols.

Matthew Brower is a writer and curator who teaches in the Museum Studies Program at the University of Toronto. He is the author of Developing Animals: Early North American Wildlife Photography and excellent exhibitions.

David Liss is a curator, writer, and artist living in Toronto, Canada. He is currently an Adjunct Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada and was Director and Curator from December 2000 through 2015. Since August 2019 he is also Curator and Programmer for Arsenal, a privately owned network of galleries in Toronto, Montreal, and New York.

To enhance your experience we recommend listening to Jane Siberry’s Everything Reminds Me of My Dog, which is available below.

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